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Company Information About Corporate Overview Acquisitions Notice of Fraudulent Behavior Leadership Board Directors Appointed Officers Investor Relations Careers Microchip Culture US Benefits Ladder Hiring Process Employee Testimonials Media Center Press Releases RSS Feeds Videos MicroSolutions Digital Magazine Tradeshows and Events Academic Program Responsibility Ethics Conduct Sustainability Conflict Minerals Environmental Health Safety Legal Export Control Data Contact Featured AVR CPU Core with Hardware coprocessor secure hardwarebased key Amplifiers offering high common mode rejection zerodrift technology hardening lower power results. The combination of features makes part ideally suited for lowpower embedded security applications. Subscribe to MicroSolutions is a valuable resource that delivers the latest information each issue with updates new products and development tools You will also find design articles wide range of topics learn about some innovative ways Microchip devices are being used. CAN FD Transceiver Family The Flexible Data Rate helps systems meet physical layer requirement for and is one of only few transceivers approved by auto OEMs